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A Conversation With Steve Nicollerat from CoachBaseballRight.com

I had the great pleasure to talk with Steve Nicollerat. I loved our conversation and I think you will too. When you look at Steve's impressive 35-year baseball coaching resume, you might be quick to label him a "baseball guy." But coach Nicollerat offers sports parents and other coaches a perspective that extend beyond his vast baseball knowledge. There are some great, … [Read More...]

Sports Parents Should Only Have 5 Expectations

As sports parents, we expect a lot out of our kids. I believe that many sports parents place their expectations too high, too unrealistic and too unfair. Have you … [Read More...]

Give Your Son Baseball Lessons From Former MLB Players

How would you like to give your son baseball lessons from former MLB pros? I'm talking about personalized, one-on-one, focused attention on your son's swing or … [Read More...]

Chill Out, Your Kid’s Not Going Pro

This is a guest post from my friend Max Wolter. Max covers sports at TheRenaissanceFan.com. The goal of The Renaissance fan is to explore the relationship between fans and the sports, movies, and culture they follow.  Another Little League season will … [Read More...]

I Hope I Didn’t Screw Up: A Letter From A Sports Dad To His Kids

I'm a proud Sports Dad to three athletic, sports-loving boys (ages 13, 10 and 9) and a 17-month old little girl who's interests are still TBD. In case I get run over by a Zamboni and don't make it to see how my boys turn out in 10-20 years, I wanted to … [Read More...]

Practice the Habit of Helping

As a parent, you know all about habits–good and bad. You see it as your child practices habits at home, in school and even in sports. As parents, you also have habits. And if your child plays youth sports, you will make choices in how you parent that will … [Read More...]

The #1 Trait Of A Great Sports Parent Is…

If you're competitive and passionate about helping your child succeed, it's easy to get carried away when it comes to youth sports. Games can get exciting. There can be pressures to put your kid into more training, personal coaching, year-round … [Read More...]

Instilling Grit and How To SHOW UP.

Last night I had a pretty cool opportunity to teach my 12-year old son a little about grit, and the importance of showing up. His 3rd & final round of ice hockey player evaluations was set for 7:50 PM. He performed really well in the first two rounds. I … [Read More...]