The #1 Trait Of A Great Sports Parent Is…

If you're competitive and passionate about helping your child succeed, it's easy to get carried away when it comes to youth sports. Games can get exciting. There can be pressures to put your kid into more training, personal coaching, year-round leagues. Unless you're conscious about making sure things don't get out of hand, they will get out of hand. Including your own … [Read More...]

Instilling Grit and How To SHOW UP.

Last night I had a pretty cool opportunity to teach my 12-year old son a little about grit, and the importance of showing up. His 3rd & final round of ice hockey … [Read More...]

My Low Point As A Parent

Have you ever felt like you were stealing your kid’s dream? Have you ever been in a position as a parent where you knew with 100% certainty that you were robbing … [Read More...]

How Do You Know When Your Kid Has Outgrown His Team?

How do you know when your kid has outgrown his team? When should you move him to a new team that will continue to challenge him & help his development?  How can you know the answer to that question? By using the same thing that gets most of us through … [Read More...]

Sports Dad Forgets

Have you ever yelled at your kids and later regretted it? Do you ever feel like maybe you expect too much from your young kids? I know I’ve been guilty of both of those things, more times than I’d like to admit. I recently read the classic book by … [Read More...]

Don’t Be A Fun Sucker

The world of sports is notorious for bombastic clichés. "This game is do or die." "This could be the turning point of the season." "This is the biggest game of the year." "Biggest pitch of the game." And how could we leave out, "Sudden-death … [Read More...]

What Should You Do If Your Child Has A Teammate With A Violent Temper?

Has your child ever had a teammate with a violent temper? A kid who couldn't handle failure of any kind. A kid who would come back to the dugout after striking out and smash water coolers with his bat. Throw his glove around. Slam and kick helmets. That … [Read More...]

How To Raise Great STUDENT Athletes

For sports-loving kids like ours, school can feel like it's a 5-day long obstacle keeping them from playing sports with their friends. It's a tough transition to go from playing all day every day, to sitting in class and paying attention. You and I both … [Read More...]