Chill Out, Your Kid’s Not Going Pro

This is a guest post from my friend Max Wolter. Max covers sports at The goal of The Renaissance fan is to explore the relationship between fans and the sports, movies, and culture they follow.  Another Little League season will be starting up soon for the 2 million plus kids across America that are lucky enough to participate in one of the best … [Read More...]

I Hope I Didn’t Screw Up: A Letter From A Sports Dad To His Kids

I'm a proud Sports Dad to three athletic, sports-loving boys (ages 13, 10 and 9) and a 17-month old little girl who's interests are still TBD. In case I get run … [Read More...]

Practice the Habit of Helping

As a parent, you know all about habits–good and bad. You see it as your child practices habits at home, in school and even in sports. As parents, you also have … [Read More...]

My Low Point As A Parent

Have you ever felt like you were stealing your kid’s dream? Have you ever been in a position as a parent where you knew with 100% certainty that you were robbing your child of an amazing opportunity and awesome experiences? I have, and it sucks. It’s one of … [Read More...]

Your Kids Are What You Eat

When you think about it. It's really tough to gauge how well we're doing as parents. While we were in school we received grades on each assignment and report cards a few times a year. Most jobs have annual evaluations or reviews. We have bosses who provide … [Read More...]


Forget the fact that it can be incredibly frustrating and result in even the most sophisticated man going into a profanity-laced tirade. Golf may be the greatest game ever to play with your kids. Why? Because it is full of metaphors that you can use to teach … [Read More...]

How Do You Know When Your Kid Has Outgrown His Team?

How do you know when your kid has outgrown his team? When should you move him to a new team that will continue to challenge him & help his development?  How can you know the answer to that question? By using the same thing that gets most of us through … [Read More...]

Sports Dad Forgets

Have you ever yelled at your kids and later regretted it? Do you ever feel like maybe you expect too much from your young kids? I know I’ve been guilty of both of those things, more times than I’d like to admit. I recently read the classic book by … [Read More...]