My Low Point As A Parent

Have you ever felt like you were stealing your kid’s dream? Have you ever been in a position as a parent where you knew with 100% certainty that you were robbing your child of an amazing opportunity and awesome experiences? I have, and it sucks. It’s one of the worst feelings you can have as a parent. It's also the reason why I haven't posted anything on this site for about … [Read More...]

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Your Kids Are What You Eat

When you think about it. It's really tough to gauge how well we're doing as parents. While we were in school we received grades on each assignment and report cards a … [Read More...]

Life lessons from golf 2


Forget the fact that it can be incredibly frustrating and result in even the most sophisticated man going into a profanity-laced tirade. Golf may be the greatest … [Read More...]

Fun Sucker

Don’t Be A Fun Sucker

The world of sports is notorious for bombastic clichés. "This game is do or die." "This could be the turning point of the season." "This is the biggest game of the year." "Biggest pitch of the game." And how could we leave out, "Sudden-death … [Read More...]

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What Should You Do If Your Child Has A Teammate With A Violent Temper?

Has your child ever had a teammate with a violent temper? A kid who couldn't handle failure of any kind. A kid who would come back to the dugout after striking out and smash water coolers with his bat. Throw his glove around. Slam and kick helmets. That … [Read More...]

Raise great student athletes

How To Raise Great STUDENT Athletes

For sports-loving kids like ours, school can feel like it's a 5-day long obstacle keeping them from playing sports with their friends. It's a tough transition to go from playing all day every day, to sitting in class and paying attention. You and I both … [Read More...]

New Sports Dad Hub

Welcome To The NEW Sports Dad Hub!

I am incredibly pumped to present to you... The new and improved SportsDadHub.com - a better resource for Sports Parents.  In March of 2012 I launched Sports Dad Hub with a passion for helping kids become the best athletes THEY want to be (without … [Read More...]

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Words of Wisdom If Your Son Is A Talented Pitcher

There are two things that can make competitive youth baseball coaches drool uncontrollably. A young player with a strong throwing arm and a left-handed young player with a strong throwing arm. Add accuracy into the equation and coaches will get downright … [Read More...]