5 Things Your Hockey Bill Covers in Addition to Ice Time

Hockey is notorious for its costs.  Every hockey parent has heard the remarks from the other parents on the block, “Hockey, isn’t that expensive?” Or, “Hockey, we can’t afford hockey.”

The truth is, hockey does carry a hefty price tag.  There is the cost of equipment, ice time, and travel.  These incidentals that get tacked on to your season fees make the game even more expensive than most perceive it to be.  

But, in reality, when your kids play hockey, they are gaining far more than just the skills and the mindset to play the game.  They are getting life lessons that will carry with them into adulthood.

Life lessons are important, and they don’t come cheap.  

While the hockey bill may be expensive now, the lessons it affords your kids will prepare them to capitalize on opportunities that present themselves later in life.

Here are just a few things your hockey bill covers, in addition to ice time:

  • A competitive edge
  • A thirst for getting better at what they do
  • A healthy mind and body
  • A desire to succeed
  • The skills to recover from a loss

These life lessons alone put hockey players at an advantage when they enter the real world.  So yes, the bill is expensive now, but it’s also an investment in your child. 

Take a look at the infographic, “5 Things My Hockey Bill Covers in Addition to Ice Time,” and you will gain some substantial insight into how hockey is setting up your kids for success later in life.

This has been a guest post by contributor, Emily Erson. 

To some teaching is a job, and the title they give themselves is teacher.  To me, teaching is a passion, and the title I give myself is lifelong learner.  In addition to finding ways to reach kids in the classroom, I spend a great deal of my time working with several youth hockey programs and animal rescue organizations. In short, I am a mother, teacher, and hockey mom extraordinaire.  My passions in this order: kids, dogs, coffee.  The thing is, I need the coffee to keep up with the kids and the dogs.

You can check out my blog, On the Job Mom or you can reach me on social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter

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