A line drive off the head of a pitcher is one of the scariest things you can witness in sports. It’s the biggest fear of every parent of a pitcher. Protective head gear for kids would greatly decrease the number of head injuries.

The problem is that most of the protective head gear created in the past has either been too bulky to be comfortable or too slight to offer true protection. I even wrote a post a few years ago asking the question, “Should Little League Pitchers Wear Helmets?”

Some of the comments that post generated were about how a helmet would be way too bulky for a pitcher to wear.

Plus, when you’re dealing with kids, they’re not going to want to wear equipment that’s goofy looking or makes them feel self conscious while playing the game. If they’re thinking about how they look because they’re wearing some weird protective head gear, their performance will suffer because they’ll be distracted.

But any kind of protective head gear for baseball would have to be tough enough to protect the impact of the hard ball.

New Protective Head Gear for Kids

I recently discovered the Ball Cap Liner (BCL). It’s a very cool new product that offers outstanding durability and protection without being a bulky piece of equipment. Its sleek and lightweight design allows it to fit under a baseball cap. The Ball Cap Liner is actually unnoticeable from a distance.

The first two things that I noticed about the BCL was how solid, yet lightweight it was. It also has a very cool feel to it. It looks like a piece of plastic, but as soon as you hold it and touch it, you notice that it’s made of a much more rigid and solid material.

It’s made of a patented shock absorbing material that’s also used to make products in the motorcycle and military industries.

A 10-Year Old’s Review

To get a kid’s perspective, I decided to review the BCL with my 10-year old son, Brayden.

I wanted to see was how it felt on Brayden’s head. He said that it was comfortable. The BCL is size adjustable with a Velcro strap. I was impressed by how snug it fit. It didn’t shift or move around on his head at all.

This is a very well designed product.


The only potential obstacle with this product is your child’s cap size. If their team has adjustable caps, it won’t be an issue. But if the caps are fitted and it already fits snugly, they might have an issue getting it over the BCL.

You’ll see in the video that Brayden had a little trouble getting his hat around the BCL. However, that was the first time he had ever put it on. I’m sure it becomes a lot easier to put a cap on around it once kids get used to it.

The model we tested included the extra temple protection. If it wasn’t for that, the BCL would have been virtually undetectable under Brayden’s cap.

Brayden said that the Ball Cap Liner felt good on his head with the cap over it. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

Just by knocking on the BCL, you can feel how solid the outer protection is. And the inner lining is padded nicely to provide a comfortable feel on the player’s head.

When I asked Brayden if he would wear the Ball Cap Liner for head protection all the time, he wasn’t sure. He said, “When I pitch I would wear it.”

Peace of Mind For Parents

As a dad, I would definitely feel more comfortable if he wore a BCL while pitching. Those baseballs are coming back off the bats faster and faster as the boys get older. A line drive off the head can happen in the blink of an eye.

For proof, visit this page on Ball Cap Liner’s website that shows recent MLB head injuries to pitchers.

Major League players know all about how fast balls fly off the bats. That’s why the Ball Cap Liner was invented by former World Series champion Cliff Floyd.

Click here to read what Floyd says about why he created the BCL. It’s become a passion of his to provide protective head gear for kids and adults who play baseball.

When I asked Brayden if there was anything he didn’t like about the BCL the only negative thing he could say is that it didn’t go with his team’s uniform. :>) His team is white and blue. Maybe different color combinations is something that the BCL designers can look into down the road.

If you have a son or daughter who plays baseball or softball, especially pitchers, and you’d like to ensure they have good head protection, check out the Ball Cap Liner.

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Here’s a short video of my 10-year old son opening and trying on the Ball Cap Liner for the first time.

Thanks for reading.